Jewellery Care: To keep our jewellery looking good it is important to keep it from tarnishing. We recommend keeping all jewellery in a closed jewellery box or pouch, either the customer's own or the box the jewellery comes in, together with anti-tarnish tabs.  Hairspray and perfume should be used before puting jewellery on.


Jewellery should be gently cleaned periodically with a proper jewellery polishing cloth which will remove any tarnishing or finger prints, and it should be occasionally washed in any number of  professional cleaning solutions usually available in supermarkets .


We sell anti-tarnish tabs and polishing cloths for the convenience of our customers, but we do not carry a cleaning solution, as the cost of posting it is more than it's worth.







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Jewellery Polishing Cloth 

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Anti-tarnish Tabs